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Cash Drawer

ECH 400 cash drawer

ECH 400 shows plenty of perfection in technical qualities as well as in its innovative design. It offers plenty of space for paper money, coins and checks. Its robust construction, pretentious precision mechanism and three-position lock allow absolute cash security. ECH 400 cash drawer is having a full steel construction which adds more security to the drawer. Also the three position key secure the drawer and bring peace of mind to the end user..... View more

ECH 410/ECV410 cash drawer

One of the most popular cash drawer of E-POS is its ECH 410 aka ECV 410 model. ECV 410 has bill compartment with option of manual push button and suitable to various size of cash counter and POS terminal. As any other E-POS cash drawer, ECH 410 offers high security with its full steel body construction and false proof locking system..... View more

ECH 460 Cash drawer

ECH 460 is a big and spacious cash drawer by E-POS that can suit all kinds of cash registers and PoS terminals. As any other E-POS cash drawer, ECH 460 offers high security with its full steel body construction and false proof locking system. One of the distinctive feature of ECH 460 ofcource is its spacious design which makes it suitable for large scale business as growing businesses . The three position key locking system ensures the extra security. ..... View more

Fliptop Cash drawer

As the Flip-Top’s name suggests, the lid flips up to open and provide access to the currency in the drawer. This narrow depth cash drawer provides easy access to the coin and vertical bill storage whether the clerk is seated or standing at the point of sale. The lid opens fully every time, ensuring easy access to the contents With the easy accessibility and space saving design is very suitable for all your small scale business needs. E-POS fliptop cash drawer will go along with any cash register of POS counter..... View more