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Fargo DTC550

The Fargo DTC550 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoder supports secure ID card issuance at multiple locations throughout the enterprise. With an Ethernet port and internal print server, your IT staff can install a DTC550 anywhere on a LAN. The optional Print Security software gives your security team tight control over ID card printer access and use. The DTC550 provides greater flexibility when you’re planning widespread or high-volume card issuance for applications such as employee access cards, government and student IDs, customer loyalty and membership cards.

Features at-a-glance
  • Lamination option adds an extra layer of security and durability to extend card life.
  • Incomplete or improperly encoded cards land in the Reject Card Hopper.
  • Dual Card Hopper allows printing on two different card stocks.
  • Encoding options handle magnetic stripe, prox, contactless and smart cards.
  • Ethernet port and internal print server enable secure network printing

Designed for small-to-medium businesses, the DTC1250e provides maximum efficiency in a sleek, user-friendly design. This printer is virtually maintenancefree and prints full-color, plastic ID and technology cards on a budget.

Features at-a-glance

    The DTC1250e offers the following built-in and optional features:

  • A dual-sided printing module that enables you to add additional company or cardholder information as needed.
  • A Wi-Fi accessory for Ethernetenabled printers, allowing you to print anywhere, anytime.
  • Choose from either the easy-to-use allin-one ribbon cassette (EZ ribbons) or the more economical and eco-friendly refill ribbon (ECO ribbons) option.
  • An optional iCLASS SE® encoder that enables your printer to be compatible with the HID secure identity ecosystem. This includes the ability to program the HID PACS data in the printer. The encoder provides an additional layer of security to your identity program by allowing for processing of Secure Identity Object (SIO) data, and enabling the printer to become a Trusted Identity Platform (TIP) endpoint.
  • Optional internal server for secure printing over a network, enabling distributed card issuance in seconds.
  • Optional technology card encoders that allow you to easily migrate to contact and contactless smart card technologies (including but not limited to iCLASS SE® or MIFARE®) or simple mag stripe and prox cards as needed.
  • Eco-friendly erase and rewrite feature, ideal for creating temporary ID cards, such as visitor badges.
  • Ability to print on a variety of card thicknesses to create simple loyalty cards as thin as 9 mil, or access control badges as thick as 40 mil.

The versatility of the DTC4500 is unsurpassed. Empowered by an extremely robust and highly-reliable print engine, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power and versatility rolled into one. High-capacity ribbons enable the DTC4500 to print twice as many full-color cards as most printers before the ribbon has to be changed, providing continuous high-quality card printing and encoding.

Features at-a-glance

    The DTC4500 offers field-upgradeable options for migration to higher levels of security in the future:

  • Optional card lamination for applying overlaminates to produce high-secure cards that resist forgery and increase card durability; and unique, dual-sided simultaneous lamination to save time with increased throughput.
  • Dual-sided printing module provides more space for cardholder information and security features like duplicate photo and digital-signature.
  • Technology encoding modules encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity, contact (factory upgrade) and/or contactless technology cards, such as iCLASS®, for access control or other applications.
Fargo’s HDP600

Printing and encoding cards in more than one pass puts you at risk. If cards aren’t rerun in the proper order, vital information could get encoded on the wrong card. The HDP600 eliminates that worry by letting you print and encode high-security cards in one pass. It’s difficult to know what type of card functionality you might need in the future. That’s why Fargo lets you add encoding and laminating modules to your HDP600 at any time. With Fargo’s HDP600 High Definition Card Printer/ Encoder, high-security cards are no longer hard to print. Featuring our patented High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology, the HDP600 is the only card printer/encoder that can consistently and perfectly print, encode and laminate technology-rich ID cards, such as: CONTACT SMART CARDS , WIEGAND CARDS ,PROXIMITY CARDS ,RFID CARDS, OPTICAL MEMORY CARDS , CONTACTLESS SMART CARDS

Fargo HDP5000 Duplex

The Fargo HDP5000 Duplex uses retransfer printing technology - the most advanced card printer technology available - to produce superior double-sided card print quality, reliability, durability and security for your badge printing program. The HDP5000 Duplex features a flexible modular design with optional laminator and smart card encoding.The HDP5000 printer/encoder is the most versatile way to produce multifunctional, durable and secure High Definition cards.

Features at-a-glance

    The HDP5000 meets the card application needs of:

  • Government agencies and departments
  • Medium-to-large corporations
  • Financial institutions
  • Colleges and universities
  • Health care facilities and research labs
  • Service bureaus