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If you need quality ID cards fast, the Fargo 50100 DTC1250e Dual-Sided Printer is the fastest printer in its class! Designed to print everything from student IDs and employee badges to access control cards. Not only is this printer easy-to-use, and reliable, it also offers increased security, and optional Wi-Fi for added convenience. This printer is the perfect printing and encoding solution for small to medium sized ID applications.

The DTC1250e Dual-Sided Printer offers an intuitive interface for ease of use straight from the box. Its color-changing status buttons help you to easily identify the status of the printer, while a convenient all-in-one print ribbon and cleaning cartridge makes maintenance a breeze. Additionally, the Fargo DTC1250e 50100 Printer features a built-in erase and rewrite function to help reduce the waste of short-lived, temporary ID cards, such as visitor badges.

Features at-a-glance

QR code printing
1.Quick Response Code or QR code printing is fully supported by the DTC1250e.
2.The data encrypted image is printed on the card allowing smart phones to quickly scan the image and receive information about your organization's or business' website

AES-256 data decryption
1.The DC1250e supports AES-256 data decryption for increased security and data protection.The DTC1250e is not field upgradable to Ethernet. The Ethernet option must be added at the time of printer purchase. (Upgrade to Ethernet in the Options tab.)

Customize your printer to your needs with:
1. Ethernet - Optional
To allow remote printer sharing by many users on a network, the Fargo DTC1250e 50100 Printer can be equipped with Ethernet connectivity with an internal print server.
2. Wi-Fi - Optional
When you add on the Ethernet connectivity you also have the option to add on Wi-Fi connectivity with the Wi-Fi Accessory, allowing you to print and encode with added convenience. (Upgrade to Wi-Fi in the Options tab.)
3.Card Encoding - Optional
The Fargo 50100 offers several encoding options, including magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart card, and proximity card encoding. You can upgrade anytime to mag stripe encoding; smart card or prox card encoding must be added as the time of printer purchase. (Upgrade to encoding within the Options tab.)
4. Card printer training - Optional
A training session with our in-house Technical Support team will get your new Fargo DTC1250e Dual-sided card printer up and running in no time. Your training will be tailored around your specific printer.


When vivid colors and stunning edge to edge credentials are needed, the FARGO DTC1250e delivers astounding results. This direct-to-card single-sided ID card printer offers the ability to deliver both colors that pop and sharp monochrome features.

The FARGO DTC1250e is remarkably easy to set up and use for even the technological novice. Each printer comes with a Built-in Swift ID badging application that can you printing stunning ID badges within seconds. With no need to install additional software, you can begin printing just minutes after opening the box. You’ll also have the choice between an easy (EZ) all-in-one print and card cleaner or an eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbon. For easy maintenance a card cleaning roller is even integrated into the ribbon cartridge.

Features at-a-glance

Blazing Print Speeds
Because productivity requires the efficient use of time, the DTC1250e can print full color cards at a rate of 16 seconds per card (YMCKO) and monochrome cards at 6 seconds per card (K).

Operating System Friendly
The last thing you want to find out when you purchase the DTC1250e is that it doesn’t work with your operating system. That’s why this printer comes with drivers compatible with all major operating systems to include: Windows® 7, Windows® 8 (32 bit & 64 bit), MAC OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8 and Linux.

Secure, Flexible, and Streamlined
When security matters, you can add an optional iCLASS SE® that can allow you to create,encode, and manage secure credentials with ease. This means you can design your personalized ID badges and then program them to work with your local physical access control system.

Secure, Flexible, and Streamlined
When security matters, you can add an optional iCLASS SE® that can allow you to create,encode, and manage secure credentials with ease. This means you can design your personalized ID badges and then program them to work with your local physical access control system.


The versatility of the DTC4500 is unsurpassed. Empowered by an extremely robust and highly-reliable print engine, this high-volume printer delivers speed, power and versatility rolled into one. High-capacity ribbons enable the DTC4500 to print twice as many full-color cards as most printers before the ribbon has to be changed, providing continuous high-quality card printing and encoding.

Features at-a-glance

The DTC4500 offers field-upgradeable options for migration to higher levels of security in the future:

Optional card lamination for applying overlaminates to produce high-secure cards that resist forgery and increase card durability; and unique, dual-sided simultaneous lamination to save time with increased throughput

Dual-sided printing module provides more space for cardholder information and security features like duplicate photo and digital-signature.

Technology encoding modules encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity, contact (factory upgrade) and/or contactless technology cards, such as iCLASS®, for access control or other applications.

Fargo HDP5000 Duplex

The Fargo HDP5000 Duplex uses retransfer printing technology - the most advanced card printer technology available - to produce superior double-sided card print quality, reliability, durability and security for your badge printing program. The HDP5000 Duplex features a flexible modular design with optional laminator and smart card encoding.The HDP5000 printer/encoder is the most versatile way to produce multifunctional, durable and secure High Definition cards.

Features at-a-glance

The HDP5000 meets the card application needs of:

Government agencies and departments

Medium-to-large corporations

Financial institutions

Colleges and universities

Health care facilities and research labs

Service bureaus

Fargo HDP6600

The FARGO HDP6600 from HID Global is ideal for organizations of any size that need retransfer printing technology to routinely issue secure and durable, high definition IDs or cards at high speeds. As a cost-effective, eco-friendly and reliable solution, the HDP6600 provides high resolution 600 dpi printing capability for superior text and image quality.

Designed to meet the needs of cost- and efficiency-conscious organizations, the HDP6600 produces cards at unprecedented speeds and leverages HID Global’s innovative wasteless lamination technology―helping cut your high-volume lamination materials costs by up to 40%.

The HDP6600 also features HID Global’s patent-pending iON™ technology which allows the unit to reach optimal operating temperature in under 60 seconds, expediting the retransfer printing and lamination processes. With a built-in intelligent temperature control, the HDP6600 has been GreenCircle® Certified as significantly reducing energy consumption over comparable card printing and lamination systems. This provides unmatched energy efficiency and translates to significant energy savings for larger projects.

Features at-a-glance

Ability to print up to 230 cards per hour (YMCK with transfer)

Patent-pending iON™ technology for unparalleled printer readiness and intelligent temperature control

Retransfer-based wasteless lamination

Simultaneous print and retransfer

GreenCircle® certified energy savings