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CP 50

Designed especially for applications in field mobility, transportation and logistics, and warehousing, the CP50 series survives multiple 1.5 m (5 ft.) drops onto concrete and is rated with IP65 standards, ensuring that neither droplets, dust, or water keep this device from performing its best. Its on-board 2 GB memory allows workers to continue their jobs even outside of wireless network coverage, yet offers reliable data transmission once within range via multiple wireless communication options. With incorporated GPS, the CP50 series gives you the ability to handle direct store delivery (DSD), asset management, and vehicle tracking with ease. Moreover, the choices of a 5-megapixel camera and RFID give you flexible and versatile data capture at your fingertips. Along with CipherLab’s free software tools, more applications can be handled with faster and easier customization than ever before.

Features at-a-glance
  • High Capacity Memory for Expanded Application and Data Storage
  • Reliable Wireless Communications for Efficient Operation and the Most Updated Information
  • Versatile Data Capture and Entry Brings Ultimate Flexibility
  • Easy-to-Read Display and 5-megapixel Camera Facilitate Business Operation
  • Extend Your Applications Software Tools Tailored to Your Business
CP 60

The modern CP60 industrial mobile computer. It is one of the most advance mobile computers in the market today. The CP60 is designed to provide the most assistance to the demanding environments of transportation and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and field service. It has cutting edge specifications and flexible wireless communication options. The CipherLab CP60 is specially built for your workers to deliver a more efficient business operation.

The CP60 delivers flexible communication with 3.8G HSPA+, Cisco® CCX v4 certified 802.11 a/b/g/n, and Bluetooth® V2.1 with EDR. The CP60 goes one step further and provides 4G LTE option which allows you to transfer large amounts of data in speedier time. Moreover, its embedded GPS/AGPS allows total navigational control. CP60 saves precious time and simplify operation for productivity.

The CP60 is armed with a 1 GHz processor and provides multiple operating systems selections in Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 and Windows® CE 6.0 R3.Besides, CP60’s impressive IP65 effortlessly offers protection against dust and water. It passed 1.8m drops onto concrete and 2,000 tumbles at 1m ensuring toughness. The CP60 is undoubtedly built with both durability and power.

Features at-a-glance
  • Flexible OS options with powerful processor
  • Dependable wireless communications for smooth work flow
  • Versatile data capture brings ultimate flexibility
  • High capacity memory to expanded application
epos 711

The 711 is a light-weight, portable data collection terminal, designed for all-day, everyday use. The compact design allows full single handed operation, ease of use, and durability. A brightly lit LCD graphics screen with built-in contrast control allows the user to adjust the brightness of the screen, enabling it to be read perfectly, in all lighting conditions. There are a multitude of applications in which the 711 performs including inventory/stock control, shipping and receiving, document monitoring, factory floor data collection, shelf price audits, price checking, asset tracking, warehousing and distribution operations.

Features at-a-glance
  • Unbeatable value in a small, handheld Device
  • Runs on two AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries - for over 100 continuous hours
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and cost-effective
  • Data Memory 1 MB to 2 MB SRAM, Program Memory 1 MB Flash
  • Infrared communications or cradle for batch data uploads
  • Choice of linear imager or laser reader
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
  • Supports a variety of C and BASIC programming
  • Application Generator enables custom applications
  • Low cost of Ownership
  • Capable of storing over 50,000 records
  • Downloaded Data can be stored in CSV Formats
  • CCD or Laser Engine options