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Cassida Xpecto

Cassida Xpecto is the first single value counter equipped with an advanced dual CIS technology which is an optimum combination of hardware and software.It scans the banknote in full size by dual CIS and of course standard detection such as IR, UV and MG.

User-friendly operation and capability enable Cassida Xpecto to be trustworthy assistant in every daily cash handling routine having more functions than any mix value counter in its category and an easy and quick touch screen color display.

Its multi-currency feature makes Cassida Xpecto adaptive to any currency. Upon request, it can be upgraded to any currencies required. Remote display and printer can be connected to Cassida Xpecto to make every administrative task even easier.

Cassida Xpecto
Features at-a-glance

    Multi-currency Mix Value Counter
    1. Touch screen colour display is a great advantage.
    2. Advanced technology allows quick bill counting and counterfeit detection simultaneously.
    3. State-of-the-art dual CIS detection technology to detect entire bill surfaces.
    4. Capable to count up to 6 currencies.
    5. Mixed currencies counting is possible in case there are different currencies in one stack.
    6. Sorting of banknotes by year of release is possible.
    7. Sorting of banknotes by orientation is possible in which orientation is determined by first counted banknote.

Cassida 5510 UV

Cassida's 5510 UV currency counters are sophisticated yet simple to operate money processing machines.

Cassida 5510 UV currency counter makes an invaluable aid in banks, retail stores, groceries, car washes, gas stations, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and any other cash intensive environment.

Cassida 5510
Features at-a-glance

    Efficient Bill Counter for retail
    1. Maximum counting accuracy for currency stacks of less than 100 bills ensured by technological advance.
    2. Accurately detects counting errors.
    3. Intuitive and easy to operate regardless of the user’s experience with bill counters.
    4. Auto-start function streamlines cash processing operations.
    5. Quiet operation.
    6. Lightweight and compact.

Cassida Titanium

When looking for a professional and reliable Mix Value Counter, Cassida Titanium is the best choice out there. Its revolutionary technology has surpassed global standards in currency counting machines. It has a convenient interface that makes it easy for users of various skill levels to become proficient. It counts and detects counterfeit currency simultaneously to save time and streamline cash processing activities.

Aside from its multi-currency count and detection expertise, its mix and sort operation modes are highly commendable as well providing detailed report for every currency denomination and grand total result.

At Cassida, we envisioned our currency counters to enhance cash handling experience of every business levels making it faster, easier, safer and accurate regardless of currency condition. Like many of our products, try Cassida Titanium and see for yourself why it defines a new edge of a highly-recommendable mix value counter.

Cassida Titanium
Features at-a-glance

    Multi-Currency Mix Counter
    1. 5 operation modes (including MIX and SORT) for up to 5 currencies including AED, SAR, USD.
    2. Possibility to change the basic version of the currencies list.
    3. Simple counting mode for bills of any condition and of different currencies.
    4. Advanced technology allows quick bill counting and counterfeit detection simultaneously.
    5. Up-to-date high detection technology with full IR CIS to detect entire bill surfaces.
    6. Engineered for performance and designed for streamlined maintenance.
    7. System self-diagnoses itself at machine start-up.
    8. Easy software update via USB port or RS-232 connection to PC.
    9. Waterproof and anti-dust panel prevents moisture build-up and button sticks.