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The CL5000 series is a range of Retail Shop scales with the functionality to print labels or tickets. The scale is ideal for measuring out goods and selling to your customers by weight with the sale details recorded on labels that can be applied to the goods. The CL5000 offers a flexible and reliable network system, available as a wired or wireless system. The CL5000 has a reliable weighing function and a sophisticated design, it is possibly the best equipment for enhancing your business operation.

  • 30 lb and 60 lb Capacities- Dual Range
  • Standard: 3,000 PLU’s & 1,000 Ingredient Messages Optional: 10,000 PLU’s & 1,500 Ingredient Messages
  • Speed Keys
    CL5000B: 96 (48 keys x 2)
    CL5000R: 144 (72 keys x 2)
    CL5000H: 144 (72 keys x 2)
  • 50 Standard Label Formats/Up to 20 Custom Labels
  • High Speed Thermal Printer
  • Flash ROM for easy firmware upgrades
  • Multiple barcode formats
  • English, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish Characters
  • Menu Code System
EPOS Label Printing Scales

EPOS Label Printing Scales are designed as either a "back room pre-pack scale" or they can be used in a deli style retail environment to produce barcoded labels. This product is extensively used as a weighting instrument and its unique label printing provide accuracy in work.

  • Simple design, simple operation
  • Elegant numeric display and message display
  • 60 speed PLU keys
  • Scales interface Through TCP/IP protocol
  • Over 2,000 PLU with 1,000 character label
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Flash Memory for PLU
  • High speed AD converter (Max. 14)
  • High resolution (1/60,000)