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Epson CaptureOne Cheque Scanner

Epson’s CaptureOne check scanner comes in a 30 DPM or 60 DPM version. Both scanners feature RDM’s patented MICR algorithms and imager to provide the highest MICR accuracy of any desktop scanner on detector that virtually eliminates double check feeding and a built-in franker that prints a static message on checks to prevent double processing.

CaptureOne comes with two pocket support as a standard feature. This gives you the flexibility you need to process exceptions, on-us checks or segregate different types of documents such as checks and payment coupons, depending on your application. In addition, our 100 sheet document feeder is also standard.

Because the CaptureOne scanner is used at busy teller stations or in separate back offices, we designed it to be easy to use and maintain. The check scanning process is simple and tasks like undoing a jam or replacing the franker unit are quick and easy with no special training required. CaptureOne also features advanced self-diagnostics which keep the operator informed of the scanner status and when it is time for maintenance.

Features at-a-glance
  • 30 DPM and 60 DPM units available
  • RDM MICR rated the most accurate in the industry.
  • Electronic endorsement standard.
  • Built-in franker.
  • Double check detector.
  • 2 pocket support standard
  • 100 check document feeder standard.
  • Industry-leading two year standard warranty.