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1537L 15” LCD Open-Frame Touchmonitor

The Elo 1537L open-frame LCD touchmonitor complements the Elo expanding family of touch solutions for kiosk information systems, gaming and amusement, and light industrial shop-floor automation. This compact touchmonitor is “designed for touch,” with proven Elo expertise and reliability built in. An integrated precision minibezel seals the touchscreen against dirt, dust and liquids, which simplifies integration into the final enclosure. Long-lasting product availability can be expected as the design and tooling is controlled by Elo specifications, allowing future-generation panels to be phased in without external changes.

The 1537L is available with a choice of industry-leading touch technologies, in both single touch and multi touch versions. Seamless zero-bezel versions include IntelliTouch Pro projected capacitive and IntelliTouch Zero-Bezel surface acoustic wave. Standard bezel options include AccuTouch five-wire resistive, CarrollTouch infrared, IntelliTouch and SecureTouch anti-vandal surface acoustic wave. Worldwide agency approvals cover the whole monitor, which is developed, built, serviced and supported by a true single source supplier. The 1537L open-frame LCD touchmonitor provides an economical solution for system integrators and VARs

  • Choice of Elo touch technologies:
    -Standard bezel versions:
    AccuTouch resistive; CarrollTouch infrared, IntelliTouch and IntelliTouch Plus surface acoustic wave
    - Zero-Bezel versions:
    IntelliTouch Zero-Bezel surface acoustic wave, IntelliTouch Pro projected
  • Touchscreen sealed against dirt, dust and liquids
  • Compact and easy to integrate with mounting from sides or top and bottom; also a VESA mount option
  • Worldwide agency approvals
  • Three year standard warranty
1715L 17” LCD Desktop Touch monitor

The Elo Touch Solutions 1715L touch monitor is designed, developed and built to provide a cost-effective touch solution for system integrators, and VARs. It packs quality and reliability into an integrated, affordable touch monitor. This cost- and space saving touch monitor is “designed for touch”— the touchscreen technology is built into the 1715L from the ground up and not added as an afterthought by altering the original monitor. It includes a stable base, controls that are placed on the side rather than the front and are locked-out for public use. The 1715L can function as a desktop or wall-mounted unit and includes a VESA mounting option, and is factory-sealed against dirt, dust, and liquids. The display offers zero-bezel projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen technology with multi-touch and gesture support; the antiglare clarity and superior performance of IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave, and AccuTouch five-wire resistive touchscreen technologies.

Overall, the 1715L 17” LCD desktop touch monitor provides a truly economical solution, with recognized Elo Touch Solutions product quality. With the Elo portfolio of touch monitors both first-time and experienced users can now more easily and reliably enjoy the benefits of touch solutions

  • ”Designed for touch” features such as a stable tilt base
  • Long-lasting product life
  • Available with IntelliTouch surface wave, AccuTouch five-wire resistive, or zero-bezel multi-touch projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen technologies
  • Sealed touchscreen
  • Removable base and VESA mounting option
  • Mounting holes on the base bottom for tabletop security
  • Controls on the side, plus lockout function for public use
  • Worldwide agency approvals