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Hitachi Cash Counter iH 100 Series

OPEN TYPE 1 Pocket Banknote Discriminator iH-100 is a durable banknote discriminator with counterfeit detection. iH-100 has perfect detection sensors of CIS, UV, MG and IR. iH-100 provides reliable banknote counting process by discriminate the note by denomination or orientation. Using Full IR CIS sensors, it can recognize the value and count of money. The clam shell styled front cover allows for easy access to sensors/rollers for cleaning and removing notes, if necessary.

The Hitachi iH-100 Currency Sorter is an intelligent and reliable banknote counter, which rejects suspect banknotes and rules out identification errors. The machine stops automatically and the suspect banknote will not be counted.

Hitachi iH100 Series
Features at-a-glance

    Three Counting Modes:
    1. Mixed: Counts mixed currency without presorting and gives individual counts and values.
    2. Piece: Standard piece counting.
    3. Mixed Sorting: Counts one denomination and stops on any other denomination.

    Banknote Detection
    1. Full line CIS.
    2. MG (Magnetic Pattern Recognition).
    3. UV (Ultra Violet Detection).
    4. IR (Infrared feature verification and detection).

    Easy Maintenance
    1. Front Open Type.
    2. Easy removal of jam notes.
    3. Easy cleaning and maintenance.

    User Friendly Function
    1. Machine upgrading via USB cable.
    2. External Display (optional).
    3. Thermal Printer Connection (optinal).

    Additional Features
    1. Very tolerant to worn and soiled banknotes.
    2. Hinged design for easy access and cleaning.
    3. Large blue backlit LCD.
    4. Small portable/footprint.
    5. Preset and Manual batch settings.
    6. RS232 port / USB port.
    7. Updatable software for new bills via USB port..
    8. Hopper Capacity: 500 notes.
    9. Stacker Capacity: 200 note

Hitachi Cash Counter iH 110 Series

iH-110 Series is a compact banknote sorter with scanner. iH-110 Series is reliable, precise and multi-functional sorter that provides a borad selection of options. It is an ideal choice for bank branches, back office in banks and cash-in-transaction(CIT), as well as casinos and retails.

The Hitachi iH-110 Currency Sorter is an intelligent and reliable banknote counter, which uses image processing technology to recognize banknotes and to discriminate denominations. The iH-110 features Full Color Imaging with Dual CIS scanning, which scans both sides of the bills to reduce unwanted rejects. The 2-pocket design, with a stacker and a reject pocket, allows the IH110 to count and off-sort without stopping. Having a reject pocket allows operators to perform daily cash-processing jobs without any interruption.

When counting, suspect banknotes and unrecognizable banknotes automatically divert to the reject pocket, assuring the operator continuous operation. With its modern design, full color Touch Screen and user-friendly interface, the Hitachi iH-110 provides every operator with a more comfortable and efficient working environment.

Hitachi iH110 Series
Features at-a-glance

    High-speed image processing technologies
    1. Full Color Dual CIS
    2. Capture and Record of OCR, MICR and Barcode / Deposit full color images
    3. Can be installed more than 40 currencies
    4. Mix & Multi currency mode (Count mixed currencies and automatic recognition)

    Advanced sensor technologies
    1. Equipped with range of counterfeit detection technologies.
    2. Reliable fitness sorting
    3. Excellent tape detection performance

    Remote monitoring system by 'SIM'
    1. Connect with SIM link

    User-friendly system
    1. 2 Teller mode indicator and Multi user mode available
    2. 4.3” Full color touch screen
    3. Easily look up the all sensor data
    4. Simple and easy operation
    5. Easy maintanance