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An industry-leading, multi-functional under-counter printer with front operation, the FVP10 offers high speed performance, paper saving features as well as a new method of user and printer interaction with the unique voice communication tool.

Features at-a-glance
  • High quality 203 dpi output with high print speeds of up to 250mm/second combined with fast, efficient throughput (406 x 203 double density selectable).
  • High reliability – (60 million lines MCBF) Auto-cutter – 2 million cuts.
  • Barcodes, receipts, labels & tickets can all be printed on media from 0.065 to 0.15mm in thickness with linear paper width adjustment from 58 to 80mm allowing for complete application functionality.
  • Tough and durable splash-proof casing with IXP1 certification and downwards angled paper exit to prevent liquid intakeFVP10 platform printer.
  • FVP10 platform printer. The square design, front operation and flat top provide a space-saving opportunity as objects up to 7Kg can be placed on top of the printer without interfering with its operation – chip and pin pads, graphic displays, scanners etc.
  • Unique front loading drawer style true "Drop-In & Print" paper loading. With the shelf mount option, the FVP10 can be discreetly mounted under a counter or sales desk#
  • Sophisticated software which automatically reduces receipts by up to 67% horizontally and 50% vertically so that a receipt can be printed on 58mm paper.
  • Speech functionality with up to 255 voice commands which can be recorded in any language using the Star Sound Tool. Also includes a default library of 255 voice commands. Internal speaker with external jack for noisy environment.
TEP 220

TEP 220 is a POS thermal receipt printer built by E-POS systems (Pvt) ltd with kitchen’s print support. The print method used is thermal line printing, and the cutter method is full or partial cut. It can print at a speed of 220mm/sec with a paper width of about 79.5 ±0.5 mm. The characters supported are ANK Character, Font A: 12*24 dots; Font B: 9*17 dots, Simplify / Traditional: 24*24dots. The print languages can be English, French, German, Denish, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. The dimensions of TEP 220 are 145mm (width), 203mm (depth), and 135mm (height). Both the repeated operation and copy printing are provided. Parallel, RS232C, USB, and Wireless interfaces are supported. The reliable print life span is about 100km and it requires power supply of about DC 24V. The drivers supported by TEP 220 are Win9x, WinME, Win2000, WinNT, and WinXP, and the paper thickness can be 0.06 ~ 0.08 mm. It is designed to be compatible with EPSON, and SAMSUNG, and the print command used is compatible with ESC/POS. The characters can be scaled up to 64 times as large as standard size, and the built-in interface provides control capability for cash drawer. The command protocol used is based on ESC / POS standard, and offers various layouts by using page mode.

  • Low-noise thermal printing
  • Easy paper-roll installation
  • Easy paper jam clearance
  • Easy maintenance for tasks such as head cleaning
TSP 650

Star TSP 650 Star Micronics has decided to further enhance one of its legacy value-driven thermal printers by introducing the TSP650. The TSP650 features the best of both worlds by coupling the comfort of legacy products with the speed and connection options demanded today in hospitality environments. The TSP650 features low cost and high performance combined with the ability to work effectively in any environment. Out of the box, the TSP650 can easily be configured and features all interface options including USB and Ethernet due to its plug-in modules. New vertical mounting stand and splash proof cover options help make it one of the most reliable POS printers in the world. The TSP650 ships with Installation CD (Printer Driver / Manuals), setup guide, wall mount bracket, vertical mount pads, 58mm paper guide, power switch cover and startup paper roll. With its “drop in and print” paper loading, small footprint and reliable guillotine cutter, the TSP650 is a welcomed addition to POS systems. The TSP650 is ideal for retail establishments and restaurants.

  • High Speed (150mm/s)
  • Highly Reliable Auto Cutter
  • Serial, Parallel, USB, and Ethernet Swappable Interfaces
  • Includes Installation CD with Full Driver Suite and Configuration Utility
  • Small Footprint
  • "Drop In & Print" Paper Loading

The TSP100 futurePRNT with Powered USB combines both the power supply and interface offering an ideal solution for retailers who want to invest in future-proof ‘plug-in and go’ point-of-sale printers. With improved cable management and the benefit of being able to cost-effectively use the same Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) on both the POS station as well as the printer, at the same price as for a traditional printer, the TSP100 futurePRNT with Powered USB provides significant cost advantages, increased reliability and the additional security that all transactions are protected. The TSP100 futurePRNT with Powered USB can replace any single station printer with a free-of-charge upgrade path when a retailer moves to using Powered USB POS terminals. The interface cable can simply be changed to USB and a Virtual Serial Port created (if necessary) using the Star wizard included in the TSP100 futurePRNT Printer Properties Page. The TSP100 futurePRNT is a unique receipt printer offering innovative functionality yet remaining one of the most cost effective POS printers on the market. Offering superior print speed, renowned Star build quality as well as ease of use, the TSP100 is supplied with all set-up accessories available in the box (Interface and Power cables available separately with PUSB versions) as well as unique free of charge set-up and marketing software tools designed to enable users to make receipt design and set-up modifications without having to alter their existing POS software.


A high quality open frame printing solution with superior Star build quality designed specially for kiosk environments or for unattended printing applications. Capable of printing tickets and receipts on paper up to 0.10 mm thick paper, the TUP400 is a reliable receipt or ticket printer for kiosk environments. The TUP400 is available with presenter and document capture function to prevent paper jams or with just a cutter for cut-and-drop applications. The TUP400 is compatible with the majority of operating platforms and is available with multiple connectivity options.

  • Cost efficient quality thermal barcode,receipt, ticket, kiosk printing solution
  • Large Paper Roll capacity – 203mm max outside diameter
  • TUP492Z Presenter version prevents paper jams and handles varying document lengths
  • TUP492Z with unique Document Capturing capability offering improved reliability & security
  • Capable of using up to 0.10mm thick paper
  • Bi-Directional Parallel of RS232C Serial Interface provides ability to report printer status to host, thereby ensuring continuous operation
  • Sensor include Black Mark detector for top of form, Paper End and 2 adjustablePaper Low detectors