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ScanVue® is a new type of price checker and verifier that also includes full colour graphics capability to display dynamic point of purchase (POP) advertising messages between price scans. As well as checking prices, customers can learn about products, be guided to alternatives and check stock. Retailers can develop screen sequences to remind customers about special offers, check their loyalty points and discounts. ScanVue is ideal for graphic product advertising, promotional announcements and customer entertainment. Its powerful processor, runs embedded Linux and connects via Ethernet or Wireless LAN to the store’s network. Optional touch screen, keypad and magnetic swipe readers are available to allow retailers to implement greater kiosk functionality and give customers further options to interact. Software development tools can be supplied to assist with the production of scripts and presentations.

Features at-a-glance
  • Full colour graphic or Vacuum Fluorescent display
  • Slim, angled low profile design
  • Modular and expandable

    In store use by the general public for:

  • Price checking and verification
  • Stock checking
  • Web browser, HTML compatible models
  • Touchscreen and optional four push-buttons
  • Counter top, pole mount and wall mounting
  • Ethernet 10 Base T interface
  • Power over Ethernet connection
  • Auxiliary power supply
  • Wireless 2.4GHz RF interface to host
  • Receipt printer
  • Custom body colours
  • Additional keypad
  • Multi-track MSR
Base Models and Options

    The ScanVue has two base models, each available with optional four push-buttons and additional ports:

  • ScanVue5 - Full colour graphic and Vacuum Fluorescent display technology; Ethernet and 802.11b RF models; web browser, HTML compatible models; and touchscreen models available.
  • • ScanVue Value+ - Vacuum Fluorescent and blue/white monographic display technologies; and Ethernet only connection