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PDT Terminal


Designed especially for applications in field mobility, transportation and logistics, and warehousing, the CP50 series survives multiple 1.5 m (5 ft.) drops onto concrete and is rated with IP65 standards, ensuring that neither droplets, dust, or water keep this device from performing its best. Its on-board 2 GB memory allows workers to continue their jobs even outside of wireless network coverage, yet offers reliable data transmission once within range via multiple wireless communication options. With incorporated GPS, the CP50 series gives you the ability to handle direct store delivery (DSD), asset management, and vehicle tracking with ease. Moreover, the choices of a 5-megapixel camera and RFID give you flexible and versatile data capture at your fingertips. Along with CipherLab’s free software tools, more applications can be handled with faster and easier customization than ever before......

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m3 mobile

The M3 POS terminal is an All-in-One payment system ideal for use in ticketing, stock checking, hospitality and retail.Equipped with an integrated 2 inch thermal printer and MSR, IC card reader plus RFID, the M3 POS can read various credit cards, provide receipts and tickets and increase overall efficiencies on the shop floor.The terminal also includes 1D/2D scanner, multimode radio, Smart battery and 3.5 inch screen......

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BIP-5000 Series enterprise handheld computer helps to enhance work efficiency for field operations including post and parcel delivery, route accounting, and meter reading.....

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The HT630 rugged and compact portable data terminal is a newcomer with an impressive pedigree. It is the latest in Unitech’s family of successful entry to mid-level portable data terminals. The HT630 replaces the highly successful PT630 which currently has over 100,000 users across the supply chain, retail and field service markets. The HT630 offers high performance and flexible functionality at an affordable price. It has an integrated laser or CCD barcode scanner supports all common 1D barcode symbologies. it is fully backwards compatible and shares all the same accessories. Users can implement the latest technology to work in parallel with their existing devices without the need for an expensive swap out of legacy equipment. With the JobGen Plus programming tool, 8.5MB of RAM, and a fast 80MHz processor, the HT630 can deliver powerful applications with minimal training or IT knowledge. Its optional docking station offers Ethernet, modem and RS232 connectivity. The HT630 offers everything you need to start automating data capture within your business - fast......

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CipherLab CP30

Designed for the demanding retail business and built compact with friendly programmable software support, the CipherLab CP30 puts more flexibility and capability in your palm to make the work simpler and faster. The combined wireless features of the CP30 also make it an ideal companion for mobile workers in field sales and field services. Powerful, reliable, and easy to use, the CP30 meets your business needs with optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).......

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