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The M3 POS terminal is an All-in-One payment system ideal for use in ticketing, stock checking, hospitality and retail.Equipped with an integrated 2 inch thermal printer and MSR, IC card reader plus RFID, the M3 POS can read various credit cards, provide receipts and tickets and increase overall efficiencies on the shop floor.The terminal also includes 1D/2D scanner, multimode radio, Smart battery and 3.5 inch screen.

Features at-a-glance
  • CPU Intel PXA-320 806MHz
  • Memory RAM 128MB/ ROM 1GB
  • Battery capacity: 2250mAh
  • Printer speed max. 100mm/sec
  • 1.2 drop to concentrate
  • • RESET key on the front
M3 sky

The M3 is a super slim rugged handheld computer that features numerous advanced applications such as integrated Barcode scanner, Bluetooth and Camera. The rugged design of the M3, together with the IP64-rated sealing ensures protection against dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, from freezy – 20°C up to hot 50°C. The M3 can handle drops of 1.5 m to concrete across vast temperature ranges, reducing total cost of ownership. This small and lightweight computer features advanced data capture options. With EDGE and GSM the M3 offers flexible voice and data communication. An optional integrated high quality laser scanner or 2D imager can easily read all common barcodes. The colour display is a touch screen and the ergonomic keypad is easy to use in tough environments, even with only one hand. To enhance the mobility, M3 provides an attachable/detachable slim battery. A table cradle charges the M3 and the extra battery and can also communicate through USB. The M3 WITH integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless, makes it easy to exchange data and synchronize with other devices. M3 is the perfect handheld device for companies working in businesses such as logistics, distribution and transportation. It is also suitable for areas like meter data collection, vehicle identification and illegal parking and traffic management.

Features at-a-glance
  • High speed data communication (EDGE-GPRS/GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11b/g)
  • Barcode scanner for reading of all 1D and PDF 417 barcodes
  • Colour camera 2.0 MP
  • Desktop and vehicle docking station
  • Colour TFT-LCD screen (3.5 Inch)
  • High capacity removable battery

Like all devices in the M3 portfolio, the MM3 Windows PDA has been rigorously tested to ensure that the device maintains a low total cost of ownership. Rated IP65 the MM3 Windows PDA is well protected against the ingress of dust and moisture, it can also withstand multiple drops from 1.8 metres and can operate in temperature between -20C and +50C. In addition the MM3 Windows PDA also boasts the latest communication technologies including 802.11a/b/g WLAN, 3G and Bluetooth.Targeted at the warehousing and retail markets the MM3 is built for year round use in nearly any environment, with an IP65 sealing and the ability to survive a 1.8m drops to concrete, you can count on the rugged, reliable MM3 to operate inside and outside the enterprise and still deliver dependable performance. IP65 sealing rating enables use in dusty environments and exposure to rain or spills. The result is a dramatic reduction in device servicing and downtime.

Features at-a-glance
  • Windows mobile 6
  • Full VGA high resolution LCD
  • Multi-mode radio (3G+, 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth)
  • Replacement keypad, scanner ( options : 1D/2D/long range)
  • 1.8m drop to concentrate, IP 65 sealing