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Customer Relationship Management Software

The success of your business depends on the strength of the relationships you maintain with your customers. Whether large or small, best-in-class companies utilize the principles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to co-ordinate communications with their customers.

We ensure that your CRM system is designed to support fine-tuned, interactive communication with customers and allows to flexibly adjust your customer policy and marketing strategy to the changing customer needs.Advanced reporting module and reminder section ensure that customers will not miss any leads once entered in the system. User Administration option helps our customers to manage multiple users with different privilege...View more

Hotel booking software

Hotel management software comprises of consolidated modules for various operations of hotel management. It provides the user with important information to make critical decisions at the most appropriate times. It includes customer tracking, reservations, occupancy rates and a permissions system to account for other staff members. You can keep track of your guests by setting up profiles and see their booking history with your hotel. Furthermore, you can manage your inventory, set rates for different categories and distribute rooms through a channel manager. You can also manage the restaurant operations with integrated restaurant module.The features are customizable so both small and large properties can make adjust it with their requirements. The automatic reporting and calculations system can help to save a great deal of time in terms of revenue generation and processing. In total Hotel Management Software helps you run all administrative tasks in your hotel. ....View more

Real Estate Software

When it comes to making well-informed realty decisions, well-managed data calls the shots, and our big data experts know how to nail it. Our real estate solutions offer leading-edge market research tools, mortgage rate trend analytics, ROI and leveraged IRR modeling, amortization analytics and multi-property comparison dashboards. We provide real estate softwares that make life easier for property owners, tenants, investors, developers, architects, brokers, agents and banks. we create custom solutions that help to automate tasks in the areas of Property management, Location management, Sharing economy, Investment analytics, Marketing automation, Listings and realty search, CRM, Transaction and contract management, Facility management and Environmental management and energy saving....View more